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Upcoming Events

Inland Trout Angling Regulation Simplification 

CDFW submitted a regulatory package to the Fish and Game Commission (FGC) in June 2020. The FGC will consider the proposed regulations and take public input at its meetings in June, August, and October of 2020. Click HERE for more information provided by FFI.

Bacterial Outbreak Forces Euthanization of Fish at Three Southern California Hatcheries California

Click HERE for more information.

COVID-19 Udate

Click the following link to see the Fly Fishers International COVID-19 Update
FFI COVID-19 Statement June 2020

This message from the Board of the Fly Fishers Club of Orange County is to update it’s Members regarding our actions relative to COVID-19 pandemic.  Our first concern is that all Club Members are safe and take whatever steps are necessary to protect themselves from the corona virus.  Your well-being is our upmost concern.  To this end, we will strive to comply with all local, state and national guidelines, directives and recommendations that seem to apply to functions of our Club.  

Monthly Club Meetings - Regularly scheduled monthly General Membership and Board of Directors meetings will be over the internet using the Zoom App or website.  Zoom login directions for the General Membership Meetings will be sent to members via e-mail prior to the meetings. Zoom login directions for the Board Meetings will be available to members by clicking the link in the column to the right. 

We will resume regular monthly Club Meetings when government agencies advise us that social distancing and stay at home recommendations are no longer necessary in our area for the general public as well as people in high-risk categories due to age considerations.  

Club Outings – All Club Outings and similar activities like training and workshops will be cancelled or delayed until government agencies advise us that social distancing and stay at home recommendations are no longer necessary in our area for the general public as well as people in high-risk categories due to age considerations.  In addition, government recommendations at the locations of activities outside of our local will be considered. 

Club Communications – It is important to the Board that any concerns or questions that you may have relating to Club functions are addressed.  Please reach out to any of our Board members if you have questions or concerns.  We will update Club Members via email, the newsletter and the website of any changes in our planned activities.

Alternative Fly Fishing Activities – A lot of us have time available due to social distancing and stay at home recommendations.  This is a great time to work on fly tying, practice casting if you have a safe place to do so, and, most importantly, go through you fly fishing supplies and look for items you would like to contribute to this years annual auction.  

Our Club APP is Here

The Fly Fishers Club of Orange County’s APP for your mobile device is now available  for Apple and Android phones and tablets.  The APP is available to Club Members at no charge.  Use “Fly Fishers Club of OC” to search for the APP.  Click HERE for the APP USER'S MANUAL. 

Continuing Education

The Club is developing a Continuing Education Program designed to help less experienced Members have more fishing opportunities and to help they develop their fishing skill. Learn more by clicking  HERE or clicking on "Continuing Education" on the "Education" drop-down menu above.  Click HERE for info about the March 21/22 Mentor Outing (THE OUTING HAS BEEN POSTPONED).

Outreach / Education

The Fly Fishers Club of Orange County offers several programs for Club Members as well as Community Outreach Programs.  Please check out these programs  by clicking on the “Outreach” and “Education” menu items above.


Meeting Information


The next FFCOC Club Meeting:

The next scheduled meeting:

 Wednesday October 14th


Maury Hatch



Bay Area and Beyond

While many of us are still nervous about airline travel, what better time to consider a drive to our neighbors to the North.  Fall season caters to all tastes from saltwater to fresh, and few people know the area better than our October presenter.  Click HERE  to learn more about Maury Hatch. 


An email will be distributed to all Club Members with directions to participate and the needed login information. Members can find a link here a couple of days prior to the meeting to see the email. 

Next Board of Directors Meeting:

7 pm Thursday September 17th 

Members can click HERE for information for logging onto the meeting the day of the meeting.


Denis H

Greetings my fellow Fly Fishers

Welcome to the Fly Fishers Club of Orange County (FFCOC). We’re glad that you are visiting our website.

Our club is dedicated to those that either love to fly fish or want to learn to love to fly fish.  We have a lot of fun supporting both. It is a sport where the learning never stops and there are always exciting places to fish including old favorites and new adventures. 

Take a tour of our website to see the kind of activities and opportunities we offer to those interested in the sport of fly fishing. Every month we host a club meeting at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, CA where we invite world class speakers to talk about key places to fish, skills to develop, technologies to consider. Check out the Meeting Information in the next column for details. Please join us.

I have been a member of Club since 1975 and have been elected to serve as president for 2020. I started fly fishing in 1969 and I have been a fly tier from almost the first time I fly fished. I still have a vivid memory of the first fish I caught on a fly I tied.  Ask me about it, I love to tell the story.

I am mainly a nymph and streamer fisherman and have made a commitment to fishing more with European nymph systems. I’ve focused on stream fishing where I achieve a level of personal peace from the sound of the water and the breeze blowing in the trees.

As the Club’s new President let me be the one to welcome all our members to 2020. A few of our long-term volunteers have passed the torch; their input and experience will be missed. I want to thank them for their service. This year we will looking into conservation projects in which the club can get involved. In addition, we will continue to grow our sport with the On The River Training program, the Casting Clinic and Rod Building and Fly-Tying classes.  

Several Club Outings to exciting fishing destinations are planned during 2020. Outings offer great opportunities to get to know your fellow Club members and experience new destinations with fly fishers that know the local secrets.  Grab a new friend or old fishing buddy and go somewhere with your favorite gear.  Go fishing and tell your story at the next meeting.

I love this sport and those we chase.

Denis Higginson

2020 FFCOC President