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 Hot Creek

July 15-18, 2016

 Streamkeeper - John Williams



Our club has been traveling to the Ranch for at least 30 years, because of our loyalty to the ranch and our desire to abide by the rules we continue to have solid dates every year in July. The ranch is a dry fly only establishment.

The original log cabin still stands in the middle of the complex. Today they feature nine housekeeping cabins with microwaves, stove, comfortable beds complete kitchens. One of the rules is a  three rod limit  per cabin and preferably 2.

You will note that we have a few cabins with three in them only because of their request and permission of the management. We have had to ask members to leave the ranch because of unruly behavior so we ask that all rules be observed.

The ranch in managed by Kevin Peterson and his wife. Kevin has quite allot of experience in the Sierra's and has spoken to our club in the past. This years dates are July 15-18, 2016.

Baring any unforeseen rate increases the cost of the trip in $400.00 per person which includes Saturday night BBQ steak dinner, you are responsible for all your other meals while at the ranch.

If you have questions please call John Williams (951) 236-0862




Hot Creek Ranch F.F.C.O.C. Club Outing Rules

  • This is a private ranch and we are paying guests, please abide by all ranch rules or you will be asked to leave without a refund.
  • Check in time is 4:00 P.M. on Friday July 15th  and not before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Checkout time is 12:00 noon on the July 18th, you must be out of the cabin entirely and all your belongings removed by noon. You may fish the ranch the remainder of the day if you so choose. It is customary to leave a $5 per person staying in a cabin tip for the cleaning staff.
  • Dry fly fishing only, Catch and release using barbless flies, No wading, California fishing license required.
  • Hot Creek Ranch has 9 housekeeping cabins with complete kitchens that contain microwave, stove / oven, pots, pans, silverware and dishes & barbeque grill. Bring your own food for Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch Sunday breakfast, lunch, dinner and Monday breakfast, lunch.
  • We will have a BBQ steak dinner on Saturday night at 4:59 P.M.  this will give us time to have dinner and still fish the evening hatch. Kevin & his wife (Managers) will be our guests for dinner. Please be on time, we will not wait or hold dinner for you. Bring your best Horseshoe Game for after dinner, there will be fun.
  • Hot Creek Ranch website is There is helpful information on their site.
  • Productive flies for the ranch are:
    • M&M Caddis #18 - 20 Tan,
    • Hoppers #10-14,
    • Parachute Adams #16-20,
    • Brooks Sprout Midge # 18-22,
    • Black Beetle #16,
    • Red & Black Ant # 16,
    • Griffith Gnat # 20-22,
    • Tan CDC Caddis # 18,
    • PMD # 18-20,
    • Yellow Humpy # #16-18,
    • PMD #14,
    • Green Drake #12,

            (They have a fly shop on the ranch)

  • Equipment: 4-6 weight rods, afternoons tend to be very windy, 9-15’ leaders 6x tippet.
  • This is a demanding fishery, a helpful suggestion, practice casting and mending line on moving water prior to this outing. If you have questions feel free to call me, I can be reached at (951) 236-0862 John Williams
  • Thank you for your compliance with the Ranch Rules.