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San Juan River


April 3 - 7, 2016

San Juan River - April 3 - 6, 2016 Spring is just around the corner and we are planning another fantastic outing to the San Juan River in New Mexico. The clear river waters of the San Juan are the jewel of Northwest New Mexico just a short 14 hour’s drive from Southern California. The river is fed from the deep waters of Navajo Lake which provide nearly constant temperature and abundant food supplies. This means many large brown and rainbow trout with substantial fight.


Many of the club members have stayed at the Fisheads San Juan River Lodge [ (505) 634-0463, ], and the Abe’s Motel just across the street [ (505) 632-2194, ]. Both have very reasonable rates and can arrange guides as well. There are other accommodations as well. If making reservations at Fisheads, please let them know you are part of the FFCOC group. Contact Brian Mayer for full details.


This year, we are planning for fishing on the weekdays when all the kids have returned to school and we won’t have to compete with the local weekend fishers. Plan to arrive on Sunday, April 3. If you arrive early enough, you may have the opportunity to wade fish the lower quality water. The general plan is to fish Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These are the days that you should consider arranging guides. I strongly recommend you get a guide for at least two days to thoroughly enjoy all the fishing the San Juan Quality Water has to offer. Both Fisheads and Abe’s offer package deals for two and three days guiding with lodging. Prices are the same as last year for guides and lodging. For those non-fishing travelers, there are several historic and interesting areas nearby to explore. The city of Aztec offers some shopping for Native American products and Durango, Colorado is a short drive away asSan Juan River Trip well.


We have generally gathered as a group for dinner each night. Although there are limited choices in Navajo Dam, we usually go to the city of Aztec (short 20 minute drive) for dinners at the local Chinese restaurant and Mexican food restaurant. For more information, please contact stream keeper Brian Mayer, ( 5 6 2 ) 6 1 9 - 9 1 6 9 o r If you plan to attend the trip, please call or send Brian Mayer an email so we have contacts for everyone. 

More info will be given as the date draws closer.

To reserve your spot, please contact:
Streamkeeper: Brian Mayer
Cell phone: 562-619-9169


Trip Report  


San Juan River 2016 Trip Report This year’s outstanding trip to the San Juan River was highlighted by excellent weather and good fishing. Twelve members of the club went on the trip this year staying at Fishead’s San Juan River Lodge. Six were first time with the club – Jana and Terry Roznos, Tom Bristol, Bill West, Gerry Gruhn and Paul Nakamura – and six of the regulars – Cheryl and Jim Moore, Eric Kramer, Evan Morgan, Steve Stevens and Brian Mayer. River conditions have improved over last year. Fish have returned to areas where the silting was an issue last year. Plenty of fish were to be found both on guided float trips and wade fishing. As always, small midges and red worms worked best (size 18 to 22). A new fly worked very well – the “Naked Lady”. The guides must have spent hours tying this new fly – it is simply a red anodized hook in size 18 to 20. It worked remarkably well below a rabbit leach or bead egg !There were several reports of fish 20 inches and larger, including a couple of 22 inch fish. A good time seemed to be had by all and many stories were swapped at dinner meal gatherings. Stream Keeper, Brian Mayer